Looking to breathe new life into your rug? Rugs come in all shapes and forms and can be used in lounge rooms, hallways, entrance halls or even the designated sleeping spot a loving pet.

Due to the nature of rugs and their locations, they tend to get soiled heavily and that can take away from the very reason we use them.

Depending on the condition of the rug we generally use the same technology used in traditional carpet cleaning, we can use other methods if the job requires it.

Once our technicians assess the rug they will inform you of what the best treatment will be to protect the rug and bring it back to life.


It’s the colours, patterns and the ability to bring a room to life is the main reason to use rugs, they can be also used for covering hard services or protecting surfaces from the furniture.


Rugs can be made from a variety of materials and these can include silk, cotton, nylons, olefin, wool and any number of combinations of the above. Please give us a call if you’re looking for rug cleaning in Hobart as we pride ourselves on having machines and technicians to deliver a superior outcome.


Some of the most popular rug types are:

• Persian rugs

• Antique rugs

• Indian rugs

• Afghani rugs

• Pakistani rugs

• Turkish rugs

• Moroccan rugs

• Dhurrie rugs

• Silk rugs

• Oriental rugs

 Our Cleaning Process

1. Pre-inspection for damage or any permanent stains.

2. Vacuum to remove particulates.

3. Stain treatment as required.

4. Scrub and lightly loosen stains and soil

5. Extract soils and contaminants