Looking to spruce up your furniture? Carpet Cleaning Hobart can put life back into your expensive household furniture with upholstery cleaning and our deep-down cleaning technology. Our technicians look at each job separately and decide the best course of actions to get the best results. This can be based on the age of the furniture, what type of stains and the material the piece of furniture is made out of.upholstery cleaning

Some of the upholstered fabrics that we have come across when upholstery cleaning are, chenille, satin, denim, polyester, silk, suede, leather and velvet. No matter the material or the nature of the cleaning required you can be assured Carpet Cleaning Hobart will take the utmost care to deliver renewed life to your upholstery.

Cleaning your upholstery should not just be done when you have issues like stains, animal odours, liquid spills or food stains it’s a good idea to get them cleaned to remove contaminants such as dirt, dust mites, pollen, and mould.

Upholstery Furniture We Service

Some of the furniture that we can work with are mattresses, car seats, reclining chairs, leathers furniture, sofas, sofa beds, armchairs and even cushions.

So if you’re looking for upholstery cleaning in Hobart, let our technicians breathe new life into your household furniture.

Our Cleaning Process

1. Pre-inspection for damage or any permanent stains.

2. Vacuum or brush to remove particulates.

3. Stain treatment as required.

4. Scrub with pH neutral cleaner

5. Extract soils and contaminants

Available Treatments

• Steam/Dry Cleaning

• Stain and Spot Removal

• Sanitizing

• Disinfecting

• Deodorizing

• Pet Odor Treatment

• Mildew Removal